Day 65: Saint Clemente to Costa Mesa

Posted: May 15, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Good morning! I was homeless last night so found a nice spot on the beach. Woke up to pretty amazing views don’t you think..?



Have another host in Costa Mesa tonight – Jamie Wood. It’s only 20 miles up the coast because I cycled further than expected yesterday. I’ll use the time to try and arrange more hosts further north and spend some things time ON THE BEACH!

People in California are proving to be far less available/hospitable/unresponsive with WARM SHOWER’S requests than those in every other state to date – apparently I’ve been told that many have a ‘who cares’ attitude to anyone or anything which doesn’t directly involve or benefit themselves.



Sat listening to glamorous beautiful people engaged in intense conversation about nothing of significant importantance – lovely coffee shop though. Subjects covered by the four 20 something girls sat on the table next to me so far = square footage of kitchens in apartments they’re looking to put offers on, other girls and what they’re wearing and wear they want to go shopping later this afternoon – for stuff they NEED!? Reminds me of a great film called ‘Clueless’ from the 90’s…

Stopped at a cool coffee shop for a break. Got chatting with baristas about cycling and travel. One was from Poland and she asked me how I could recognise her accent… Not hard when you live in the UK! We talked about Krakow Castle which was pretty spectacular – she had previously lived nearby.

Today was HOT with little or no breeze. Glad I only cycled for a couple of hours to get to Costa Mesa so spent some time tinkering on bike, oiling chain, swapping front/back tyres and doing laundry. Sat watching local news considering taking a plunge in the pool?

Expenditure $12.23


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