Day 68: Santa Barbara to Lompoc

Posted: May 19, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Thank you Crystal and Adam for great conversation and a lovely BBQ! I forgot to get a photo so here are two of their bikes, they were out riding the others!


Rather tired today, knees, shoulders and lower back. Eaten my cereal and ibuprofen, Starbucks here I come.

Quad espresso, slice of pizza, hotdog and a 52 fluid ounce lemonade… Good to go.


Look what’s in the signposts now! 314 miles to go 🙂

Progress today: 1.23 hours 21 miles averaging 15 mph… Not bad with a headwind and inclines.



Last 4/5 mile 1000 foot 7% gradient climb through my only mountain pass today was extremely tough, cycling into15/20 mph headwinds – made it to the peak though!

Up into the mountain pass:


Was hoping for a fast decent but decided not to pedal, why should I, it’s DOWNHILL? So I let gravity fight the wind only averaging less than 3 mph… Walking pace!

Host in Lompoc has unfortunately not got back to me or given me an address so a bit of rough camping tonight.

Cutting down to two meals a day now as I’m down to my last $50 which probably isn’t enough calories but almost at final destination!!


Week San Diego to Lompoc = 299.8 miles in 5 days

Expenditure $15.65


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