Day 69: Lompoc to San Luis Obispo

Posted: May 20, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Time to wake up and pack up!


Southside Coffee Company, located in a reclaimed 1950’s cinema house, providing my caffeine intake for the morning. Great flavour and aroma 🙂

La Purisma Mission, founded in 1787, my second I’ve visited along the Californian coast, didn’t open until 10am so I managed a FREE wander around before staff arrived for work.



One mountain pass, not much left in legs, serious aches. SLOW ascent but lovely long fast decent – no wind! To find fields of strawberries I think?


Wind has arrived 15-17 mph 😦

Santa Maria for lunch (donated by a couple of fellow campers last night)  and a wifi stop at Starbucks. The manager and barista could of benefitted from some customer service training. I only wanted a cup of water and she made me queue. On returning for a refill 30 minutes later I waited in the correct line. As I got to the kiosk she then gestured to the barista to take her break, who obliged, poured herself s drink and sat down. The manager then proceeded to do some cleaning while I waited. I asked if I could have another glass and motioned towards my empty cup. She took it and went to wash her hands, then she took to other customers but failed to serve me my water. I waited and the barista, who had gone for a break, came back and delivered h2o…

Second mountain pass out of Arroyo Grande,  legs useless now, stood and selected EASIEST gear. Snails pace up and another rapid descent!

Another pretty demoralising day… Climbs and gusting headwinds have beaten me up. My two lowest points of the day:

1. Facing downhill and being blown backwards back up a hill!

2. Arduosly labouring away on a 4 mile flat section with no energy left into headwind and watching a guy going the other way free wheeling at 10+ mph

Last 10 miles… Come on!


Expenditure $7.74


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