Day 70: San Luis Obispo to Cayucos

Posted: May 21, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

So PEETS coffee shop for my morning cup of good morning America! Downtown San Luis Obispo is very quaint and we’ll groomed – although it’s faux French/Spanish cafe style is too perfect. No cracked paint, faded signs or rusted metal. The period Victorian   buildings have been given a new lease of life, brightly coloured brick work and hand painted signage.


Mission San Luis Obispo De Tolosa, the fifth mission in California founded in 1777 is the third travelling up from San Diego!




California Highway 1, the road I’ll be on all the way to San Francisco!


Morro Bay reminds me of Falmouth – sights, smells and sounds!




Down to my last $37 dollars to last remaining 9 days – I’m fed up of rice crackers and bread rolls 😦 Sat in cafe using wifi and drinking a free coffee (thanks to waitress), when couple on another table buy me lunch and another lady gives me $20 warning me about the trafficked. I now feel well feed AND slightly better off… Budget now $57!

Expenditure $9.17


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