Day 75: San José to SAN FRANCISCO!

Posted: May 26, 2014 in America: Miami to San Francisco

Many thanks Rita for a restful couple of nights… Glad I got a chance to mow your lawn! Thumbs up to the guys and girls at ‘Bike Church’ for allowing me to use their tools so we could sort out the breaks. I didn’t fancy the hills of San Francisco with no means of stopping.


Devonport for a liquid refreshment break.

Getting close now – last day cycling. Feels odd to say the least.


Coastline was looking stunning today.



Pigeon Point Lighthouse (reminded me of the scene at Gwthian -North Cornwall!)


Next bay along with beautiful inland lagoon.


Road into Pacifica, overtook two ‘specialized’ crew kitted out from head to toe on a 1 mile sharp ascent. Felt AMAZINGLY SATISFIED as I passed them fully laden on my mule of a bike!

Easy tiger almost made it to my final destination.. Which is WHERE exactly! Did I just get hideously lost!?


Felt uncharacteristically ’emotional’ as I cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge – but obviously kept a stiff upper lip being English!




Expenditure $13.46

  1. mikebike says:

    Congrats from your Hosts Mike & Bernice way back in Florida

    • Hey hey hey

      Many thanks for you’re hospitality! 10 weeks and 3597 miles – not bad for an amateur non cyclist!

      Sat in San Francisco pretty satisfied with my pace/fitness trying to sell my bike!

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