First day in the office…

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Saudi Arabia

08/02/15 8.32 am:

Sat at my new desk, exploring my my cupboards and drawers, packing pens away, reading through curriculum text books, catching up with the headlines, sipping my Turkish coffee, waiting for the rest of the staff <including my new boss> to arrive for a team meeting


9.10 am:

Tried a double espresso from a coffee shop next door – rich, smooth and super strong

No students as of yet – may be I should get out and start handing out fliers to kids in the street!? The institute I am based in is brand new so the focus is to build the client base, publicize the courses available and develop the brand/name within the local community. Positive feedback and now having ‘native speaking’ Brits teaching English should insure the reputation of the establishment gains value very quickly. Saudi’s LOVE English language teachers – they are greatly sought after, whereas Philippino language teachers are far less popular

12.22 pm:

Spoke to Dr Adel the manager about settling in, visa, classes, curriculum – needed clarity on a few things

Collecting textbooks for class and reviewing progress pupils made last week in order to prepare for lesson

12.30 – 4.00 pm:

Chicken and rice – snooze time

7.23 pm:

First class went well – 10 boys aged 9-12

Managed to get through first chapter in the book. Some had already raced on ahead so used it as a revision class for them. Kids pretty well behaved – not unruly and only moderately chatty. I introduced myself is Mr Franklin or Mr Benjamin but they insist in calling me ‘teacher’

9.00 pm:

Off home for tuna pasta and a coffee (although I could murder a cold beer)


  1. Sandy says:

    Praying for you. Glad the students are good. Hope things go great for you and that you impact many lives. God Bless You!

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