Graduation day for my first batch of students

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Saudi Arabia

This Thursday will mark a momentous occasion here at TAFE Jubail


5 weeks after my first batch of ‘eager’ and ‘committed’ students began the course SOME of them will be graduating their beginner English classes <others, due to non attendance, bad attitude, general laziness and lack of interest will not be>

I am organising a small ceremony which their father and siblings will be invited to attend, snacks and nibbles will be provided, as well as brief introductions/presentations by the branch manager, high achieving students and me. It will be an opportunity for fathers to question staff, have a look around the campus and re-enroll their son for the next level/course…!

Each student who has passed the program will receive an official, graded certificate, portfolio of completed work and class title, e.g. best all round performer, most effort, consistent time keeper, most fluent and so on

In Saudi Arabia culturally it is UNHEARD of for teachers to talk to parents/invite them for progress reports and feedback. My manager – who has been teaching in Saudi Arabia for 15 years – said he has NEVER known teachers who wanted to/suggest speaking to the pupils fathers,  he went as far as saying that it was a ground breaking suggestion that would cause a ‘ripple affect’ across the Kingdom.

To be honest that seemed a extravagant and overblown statement to me but I think he was actually being serious… teachers speaking to parents about their children seems rather conventional in my experience. Nevertheless, owing to the significance of my proposed evening soiree, I hope all goes according to plan

  1. Andry Razafindrabe says:

    Thanks Benjamin! Interesting one!

  2. Sandy says:

    I do too.

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