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Can work… Won’t work

Posted: August 29, 2015 in 2015

The problem with young men in Saudi Arabia, unlike their ‘can’t work, won’t work’ counterparts in the UK who are financially supported by the welfare state, is that they a socially sustained by their wealthy close knit families who happily throw money and resources at their layabout sons. A massive failing in parenting and imparting valuable life skills to their much ‘idolised and pedastooled’ boys who seem to carry ‘godlike’ status here in KSA – “Those that could do no wrong, who are above worldly reproach or chastisement”


The complete lack of motivation by a large number of male teenagers/school leavers to work or put any meaningful effort into anything other than owning a Japanese or American car and owning an iPhone or S6 edge is staggering

Their mindset is ‘I want level 6 in my English IELTS Exam… How much will it cost?’ – thus complete ignoring, either through ignorance or complete refusal to acknowledge that success/achievement should be linked to prolonged effort, commitment to study and focus on future achievement/recognition.

Most Saudi lads I teach all have ‘certificates’ claiming varying proficiencies in English, but when I engage them in basic conversation or written exercises it becomes alarming obvious very quickly that many do not have level of competencies that the aforementioned documents claim.

I am sure their iPhone or S6 edge, to a lesser or greater extent, bear most of the credit for their English course success/ability


Assault using a deadly weapon..

Posted: August 2, 2015 in 2015

No wait…

With a boobie!?