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How the mighty fall..

Posted: December 19, 2015 in 2015


It seems like the infamous rapper “25 pence” has filled for bankruptcy..? He’s selling his 21 bedroom 25 bathroom at a reduced price of $8.5 million down from $18.5 million – quite a hefty loss

He was reportedly worth $150 million but alas he seems to have blown through the lot… Guess this original OG spent all his money on gin and juice, big booty bitches, pimping his rides, cruising on sick ass rims, living the player life style, killing it round his hood and smoking sticky green S**T

Mcdonalds are currently looking for part time staff dawg

On a side note, what is the bet that his accountant or lawyer aren’t also filling for bankruptcy…!


2016 and beyond

Posted: December 14, 2015 in Saudi Arabia


As the end of the year looms near it is time to contemplate 2016 and the new opportunities it may offer, the adventures I may experience and choices that will need making

Unlike previous years the coming 12 months will almost certainly mean significant changes to me, my priorities and overall outlook on life

One certainty is that i will not be staying in Saudi Arabia for another entire year

Christmas list (my ambitions for 2016):

Get married

Ride a scooter from Capetown – South Africa to Cairo – Egypt

Volunteer in my orphanage in India for a few months

Buy a motorbike