No more maids from Indonesia

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Still Saudi Arabia

The president of Indonesia Joko Widido last May announced his country would no longer send female Indonesian nationals to countries around the world because of issues including non-payment of wages, abuse, sexual harresssment and general violations or employment contracts…


Notice anything about the 21 countries blacklisted/barred from employing said maids…? Have a think…


Uganda has followed suit


Malaysian Prime Minister has been cleared for committing any crime by receiving a $700 million ‘private donation’ from the Saudi Royal family… Excellent news which I’m sure has no significance in any way, shape or format on anything…






  1. Sandy says:

    Yes, that is good. All nations need to stop sending women to other countries. It is terrible what they do to them.
    Praying for you daily.

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