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Roman Roads – The Fosse Way

Posted: August 8, 2016 in 2016

The Fosse Way is a Roman road linking cities of Lincoln <Lindom> to Exeter <Isca Dumnoniorum> passing through Ilchester <Lindinis> Bath <Aquae Sulis>  Cirencetser <Corinium> and Leicester <Ratae Corieltauvorium


The road originally marking the western frontier of the Roman iron age after the invasion of AD 43 probably starting life as a huge defence ditch or front battle line. It can be surmised as the Romans conquered further West and North it’s use changed to a reserve route and highway to move large numbers of soldiers and supplies from 100 – 200 AD

The Fosse way is a remarkable example of Roman roads almost following a straight line for almost 200 years with no more than a 6 mile deviation off centre!


Fabulous cycling with a historic narrative 🙂