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Planning a pilgrimage from Canterbury Cathedral to Rome! Cycling tour 1200 miles over the summer holidays with an 8 year old.

The Via Francigena [ˈvia franˈtʃidʒena] is the common name of an ancient road and pilgrim route running from France to Rome, though it is usually considered to have its starting point much further away, in the English cathedral city of Canterbury. As such, the route passes through England, France, Switzerland and Italy. The route was known in Italy as the “Via Francigena” (“the road that comes from France”) or the “Via Romea Francigena” (“the road to Rome that comes from France”).[1] In mediaeval times it was an important road and pilgrimage route for those wishing to visit the Holy See and the tombs of the apostles Peter and Paul.


1. Canterbury to Dover (18 miles)

2. Calais to Therouanne (34 miles) – Clement Lefebvre, Benjamin Viellard, François Merriaux

3. Therouanne to Arras (41 miles) – Philippe Moronval, Marion et Benjamin Deplanques Boutroy

4. Arras to Peronne (31 mile) – FERON Marie-Caroline

5. Peronne to Laon (45 miles) – Aurélie Bauer, Fourniret Bruno

7. Laon to Reims (31 miles) – Antoine PRIEUR, LAGERBE Pascal, Elie Cazzadori, HANROT Dominique, Nicolas Poix, Severine vuarnesson, Eddy Perrin

8. Reims to Chalons-sur-Marne (31 mles) -Ludo Mimie, Eloi THIBAULT, aurélie dumortier, Florence Collard

9. Chalons-sur-Marne to Bar-sur-Aube (65 miles) or Chaumont?

10. Bar-sur-Aube to Langres (52 miles) – Djamila NAIT AHMED

11. Langres to Besançon (69 miles) – many warm showers options

12. Besançon to St. Maurice (60 miles)

13. St. Maurice to Gr. St. Bernard (36 miles)

14. Gr. St. Bernard to Ivrea (63 miles) WO

15. Ivrea to Vercelli (29 miles) WO

16. Vercelli to Pavia (42 miles) WO

17. Pavia to Piacenza (32 miles) WO

18. Piacenza to Fornovo (40 miles) WO

19. Fornovo to Pontremoli (36 miles) WO

20. Pontremoli to Lucca (61 miles) WO

21. Lucca to S. Gimignano (46 miles) WO

22. S. Gimignano to Siena (22 miles) WO

23. Siena to Acquapendente (60 miles) WO

24. Acquapendente to Rome (80 miles) WO – your destination!