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About bloody time

Posted: June 5, 2016 in Still Saudi Arabia

At last, someone is taking steps to sort out this filthy dump


Perhaps this direct assault on the wallets of the locals will bring about a significant – long overdue – change in their mindset



The major reason so many expatriates work in KSA is to earn decent money – tax free – to save/send home to family in their Native countries. Owing to the enormous financial liquidity crisis currently being experienced by oil producers, they are desperately clamouring to remedy the situation by finding *extorting* alternative sources of revenue


The latest suggestion to be discussed by the shoura council – Saudi Arabia’s government assembly chamber – is to slap a 6% tax on remittances leaving foreign nationals bank accounts – this is on top of currently administration charges levied by the banks. Thus the notion of a ‘tax free income’ somewhat undermined

Saudi Arabia was sat on a 950,000,000 – almost 1 trillion US dollar – nest egg before oil dropped from well over $100 a barrel to $30. Over the last 18 months thus figure has been decimated and currently is estimated to be around 500,000,000!

Also up for debate are stricter capital controls on physical hard currency literally being carried out in people’s luggage/on their person

Dr Muhannad Al- Zabn an obstetrician working in King Fahd Hospital in Riadyh was shot shortly after overseeing the delivery on a woman’s baby in the maternity ward. The husband, angered at another man seeing his wife naked, shot the doctor after surreptitiously arranging to meet him in the hospital to thank him for safely delivering his child

Welcome to Saudi Arabia

King Khalid University

Posted: April 14, 2016 in Still Saudi Arabia

My new job…


KKU located in Southern Saudi Arabia in the province of Asir. The city is perched in the mountainous region along the Saudi/Yemen border at an altitude of 2200 metres above sea level

The city is unlike anything I have experienced in Saudi so far. Green mountains, fertile farmland and lots and lots or rain/showers/hail storms! Coming from the sand it is quite a shock.

Apparently a significant cause of  road traffic accidents in the Kingdom are all the ‘dangerously under-qualified’ expatriate drivers…


Of course the tens of thousands accidents are nothing really to do with young wreckless Saudi men who show a complete disregard for road safety, drive around as though they are in a ‘fast and furious’ film and moreover who seem to be totally above the law and are rarely culpable for any of the carnage they cause.


In most cases they seem pose for selfies next to the wreck, thank God for their safety and their fathers buy them a replacement car within a week or so?

Disclaimer: This is my observation based on 100+ traffic accidents I have witnessed around the country and may not be a truly representative demographic of the overall problem

The president of Indonesia Joko Widido last May announced his country would no longer send female Indonesian nationals to countries around the world because of issues including non-payment of wages, abuse, sexual harresssment and general violations or employment contracts…


Notice anything about the 21 countries blacklisted/barred from employing said maids…? Have a think…


Uganda has followed suit


Malaysian Prime Minister has been cleared for committing any crime by receiving a $700 million ‘private donation’ from the Saudi Royal family… Excellent news which I’m sure has no significance in any way, shape or format on anything…






Saudi woman who work

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Still Saudi Arabia


The truth is many Saudi woman have rapidly overtaken men academically and professionally within the Kingdom but they continue to face societal prejudice and barriers which curtail their potential success

One such obstacle is Saudi men refusing to marry successful Saudi woman if the work in non-traditional fields which they deem as inappropriate or unacceptable. This often means that professional woman working in say a hospital who work alongside men and have male patients would exclude themselves from a large number of potential suitors. In essence men will refuse to marry a woman if she comes in to contact with other men….

Protecting your wife from unwanted attention or the height of male insecurity and patriarchal dominantion?