Original volunteers


Original Volunteers  have linked with me the projects I will be working with while I am in South America

Volunteering in Brazil

 “Taking part in our volunteer projects in Brazil will place you in Iguazu, which offers something unique in this small border town where you can quite literally walk into two other countries on your doorstep; Argentina and Paraguay.

Our Voluntary Projects in Brazil are focused on education, whether teaching English to small groups of children or assisting at the special needs school in town or both.

The special needs school welcomes volunteers for half or full days during the week. English teaching schedules vary but during term time are 1 or 2 classes a day.”

Volunteering in Peru

“Volunteer work in Peru and assist at an orphanage in Cuzco, known as the backpacking Mecca of South America and set against the spectacular Peruvian Andes. Volunteer work in Peru is an ideal starting point for first time volunteers and experienced volunteers alike. The orphanage where you will be volunteering in Peru provides daily meals, a bed and schooling but the children also need attention on a one-to-one basis.

Volunteer work in Peru is flexible and varied and you can be as involved as you like. One day perhaps helping with after school homework, another day organising your own activity or watching TV with the children. Volunteering in Peru is not all work either.”

Volunteering in Argentina

“..is a great opportunity to combine a passion for community work and a different culture in an incredible city. By in Argentina you will be exposed to a city which is more European than South American in flavour, you will find cobbled streets, tango, street performers, faded colonial architecture, the famous Argentina steak and The Marias Irish Pub.
By taking part in our volunteer projects in Argentina you can immerse yourself in an exciting environment away from the tourist trail and do something worthwhile. From organising outdoor games, teaching English phrases in small groups to fundraising in the city’s plazas and trips further afield, volunteering in Argentina provides varied experiences. Choose our Argentinian Volunteer Project and you will never be on your own, as you will travel with like minded individuals each day and there are always enough volunteers to make friend with.”

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