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So, I have finally set up my couch surfing account which all being well will save me masses on accommodation on my cycle ride!

I am still taking my trusted 1 man bivi tent with me for when I am out in the wilderness, but now have managed to sort out 12 places to stay spanning the country. This will mean I am able to take a shower and perhaps even wash a pair of pants/socks or two.

I plan to arrange a place to stay every other night if possible as I have ongoing back complaints and sleeping on an inflatable mattress doesn’t really ameliorate the situation. That said, I will need to hope and wait on the legendary hospitality of our relatives over the pond for that to happen.

Week 1.

Miami (Ann M W or Ellen H)  – West Palm Beach (S M Westmoreland) Fort Pierce (Lisa F) – Melborne (Richard P or Thomas W)  – East Orlando (A and A Pope) = 4 days/234 miles

Week 2.

Orlando (Daniel S, Farkash E or Chris O) – Wildwood (1) Terry or  Ocala (2) (Mike M)Gainsville (Derek K or Rick S) – Lakecity – Maddison or Fanning Spring (Patrick C) – Perry (Camping 1) – Tallahassee (Alyssa N, Beth Annn E or Aaron S)
= 256 miles

Week 3.

Tallahasse –  Blountstown – Panama City –  Santa Rosa Beach (Martin o) – Niceville (Gary/Muriel B)Pensacola (Jeb H or Tony S or Jamie R)Mobile (Drew K)

Week 4.

MobileGulfport (Andrea B) or  Biloxi (Ansum U) – Slidell – Hammond (route 1)  – New Orleans (route 2) – Gramercy (Chad W) /Paulina (Adam and Sarah R) – Baton Rouge (Lucio N or Scott M) = 441 miles

Week 5.

Baton Rouge – Lafayette – Sulphur (Rachael B)Beaumont (Jeffrey E) – Houston (F D or Melinda B or Rebecca B) = 271 miles

Week 6.

Houston – Carmine (Carol M) – Red Rock (Hermes C) –  San Marcos (William and Jacqueline C or June S) or New Braunfels (Kathy G)  – Canyon Lake (KEVIN J) – San Antonio (Janice Z or John R)  = 200 miles

Week 7.

San Antonio – Kerrville – Junction – Fort Stockton (Shayna S) = 320 miles

Week 8.

Fort StocktonBalmorhea (camp site 2)  – Van Horn (camp site 3) – Ciudad Juarez/El Paso = 241 miles

Week 9.

Week 10/11

Ciudad Juarez/El Paso – La Cruces – Deming – Lordsburg – Willcox – Benson – Tuscan – Marana – Casa Grande – Pheonix (Cole S or Michael Z) = 429 miles

Week 12/13.

Pheonix – Blythe – sleep rough x 1 – Palm Springs (Jordan) – Moreno Valley/San Bernadino (Christine L) – San Diego = 420 miles

Los Angeles – Ventura – Santa Barbara – Los Olivos – Santa Maria – San Luis Obispo – Paso Robles – King City – Salinas – San Jose – San Francisco

Getting quite excited now 🙂