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LOVELY hotel/motel stay last night, which I would of been happy to stay at all week. Many thanks Drew – Bethel Church Deming, a great blessing after a brutal 3 days riding.

Well folks the wind is turning at last, midday marks the end of hideous headwinds and the beginning of 3 days of tailwind. All being well they should blow me all the way to Tuscon/Pheonix for the weekend!

15 miles in less than an hour, celebrated by me with my first 4 shot espresso macciato. Cost me nothing thanks to convival Starbucks manager, many thanks!

What a difference 24 hours makes, cruising along the flat at 17 mph, not even breaking a sweat!


Pit stop after 26 miles, water and spent time trying to identify the lower of the two flags:


I’ve seen the ‘lights!’


Just dropped my phone whilst cycling, THANK G#D I have a hard case. Providential freebie from the phone shop I’d say. Note to oneself, make 100%sure phone is secure I’m hand if pedalling and checking location 🙂

Pit stop after 40 miles under another interstate fly over.


46 miles done, 80 degrees and blue sky. I’ve been lucky in that sense because temperatures can sore to 110 degrees in New Meixco/Arizona!

Expenditure $22.73


A relaxing week in Bali with Jack ‘fire dance’ Lesmana, 3 fire dancers, 4 ‘barmaids/hospitality girls’ and 1 lady boy. Lovely people and wonderful times. Wish I could of worked and volunteered there indefinitely, I hope to return one day soon!







*Important* just re-read this post and it is pretty miserable. If you want a positive post know that I’ve just cycled from Las Cruces to Deming and arrived safe.

Thank you Dennis for putting me up in Quality Inn and paying for supper, MUCH appreciated after today!

7.30am and cycling, wind will be up this afternoon so must crack out the 50 miles to go today, determined to get there early.

I’ve been cycling 2 hours but had to take 1.5 hours breaks. Almost 11am and wind has already picked up, only managed 20 miles so far – I predict another horrible day. Thanks accurate weather forecast.

So my choices are:

1. To make progress is to stand up and pedal which is aggravating my knee aches and pains – stopping every mile or so!

2. Sit and pump and my speed drops to 6-8 mph – slowly getting angry and loosing my mind!


Oh yes, I forgot to mention my thumping headache. Sorry for negative post today, I feel like c**p last 3 days. Can’t be bothered right now.


Point at which I had a real rant and swore lots…

Last mile took 15 minutes.. Yes folks that’s 4 mph. Normally would take less than 5!

Dropped my bike twice now from a couple of gusts. Think police are looking to close interstate/motorway.

Unable to maintain forward momentum so resorted to walking 4 miles out.

Arrived 5.30pm, 10 hours after setting out on what should have been a run of the mill 4/5 hour stint. Feeling dejected, demoralised and butchered, no sense of achievement or cheers. FED UP

Expenditure $14.89

Big wind expected today from the West, increasing in strength as the day goes on, hence an early start is in order!

Goodbye Alanna and Larry (still in bed):


6.30 am wake up, 7.00 4 shot espresso macciato coffee and cycling at 7.15. Chilly but wind is better today.

Came around the Franklin Mountain out of El Paso and headwind was waiting. Big gusts, ardous pedalling, snail like progress and developing sandstorm… BRILLIANT 😦

Rudimentary protection from sand inhalation:


Left El Paso 3 hours ago, managed 24 miles, worst ever performance. Even the birds aren’t attempting to fly in this…

Good bye Texas and hello New Mexico, only took close to 3 weeks to cross a single state! Albeit the largest at approximately 900 miles from my entry to exit.

Quite ridiculous. I’m not cycling again in this wind END OF!

6 hours, 45 miles – yes folks that’s just over 7 mph compared to my average 12/13 mph. You realise I jog at 6/7 mph right!?

Today should of been a 4 hour ride, it’s taken me just short of 8 with stops… Horrible day, fed up.

Expenditure $23.57

Day 46: Ciudad Juarez

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Fantastic sleep last night

Early start as Alanna drops me at the international bridge over to MEXICO!  No stamps, no visas, no hassle.

Two reasons I wanted to visit Juarez, firstly to visit Catedral De Neustra Sonora Guadalupe 1959, a beautiful neo-classical exterior facade with a garish interior to replace the original after the building was gutted in 1971 by fire.



The second, the Kentucky Whiskey Bar which was established in1920, the year after prohibition in the US, when distilleries moved south of the border to avoid closure/bankruptcy. The bar was set up as a flagship retail outlet for Mexicans and Americans alike wishing to partake on the outlawed tipple. A beautiful, ornate interior preferable to the dark, drab, hidden away ‘speak easys’ of the 1920’s north of the border. Many a famous celebrity has lost an afternoon here, their photos and memorabilia ordain the walls.

Also as I strolled around found the Palacio Municipal:


After a joke and laugh with border patrol, he couldn’t understand that I had gone to Meixco to buy a $2 shirt when the vast majority of garments are purchased by Mexicans in the US and are destined for Meixco, am sat in a cafe relaxing.

Expenditure $15.27

























South Island – Road trip

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Waiheke Island

Posted: April 26, 2014 in 2007 New Zealand

Day ferry trip from Auckland:



Breakfast at 8am courteousy or the RV campsite in Sierra Nevada – met someone me good honest people over breakfast. Talked about cessation of states and Texas as an independent country

Lift out the mountains to Fort Hancock, then a 50 mile pedal along the Mexican border.

Flat and slight headwind, not too hot and low humidity (as usual!)

Bumped into a 70 YEAR OLD who was celebrating his birthday by cycling from California to Florida, who had currently raised $20,000 for cancer research. Slightly overwhelmed at his total compared to my meagre sum. He explained with many years in industry, wealthy retired friends and tax write offs that I shouldn’t read too much into the figure. I was still RATHER envious though to be honest!

We chatted route options and ideas in either direction, posed for the ubiquitous photo opportunity and said our fairwells. Ride safe Mick and good luck, I won’t wish you a pleasant tailwind because that means a headwind for me!


P.s. If I look like him at 70 I’ll be more than happy.

Expenditure $21.17